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Temaxol Cutting Compound

Technical Specification

General Description
Temaxol Cutting Compound is an oil based thread cutting compound formulated for use with both hand and power tools. It is ideal for drilling,thread cutting, milling, turning and hacksawing on a wide range of metals. It is excellent on stainless and other tough steels. Its formulation has been found to minimise tearing, tool wear and the effort required. Temaxol flows readily on the work and is easy to apply with a small brush. Temaxol should be applied to the drill, tap or bit when drilling, tapping or milling, and to the work piece when turning or hacksawing.

Normal Usage

Temaxol should be applied sparingly with a brush. If heat is generated, then fumes will be evolved, allow adequate ventilation. Hands and hair should be kept clear of any moving parts of any equipment. Do not apply when equipment is moving.

Handling Instructions

In normal use it is advised that a suitable barrier cream be used to protect the skin from mineral oils which could trigger dermatitis on sensitive skins. Avoid use in confined spaces with no ventilation.

Physical Properties

Temaxol Cutting Compound is a yellow greasy substance with the consistency of soft butter. It should not be runny unless stored in temperatures in excess of 400C. Temaxol is flammable if exposed to extreme heat, but in normal use should not present any greater hazard than lubricating oil with a flash point in excess of 2000C.


The product is supplied in 450g, 908g, 2.27Kg tins,5Kg and10Kg tubs and 25Kg kegs. Temaxol requires no special storage provisions. Shelf life of Temaxol can be regarded as indefinite.


The primary hazards with Temaxol Cutting Compound are associated with skin contact and the fumes that will be evolved where it is used on high speed cutting such as milling, drilling and turning. Always allow adequate ventilation. In normal use it is advised that a suitable barrier cream is used to protect sensitive skin