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Templers Copalux Soldering Flux

General Description

Templers Copalux is a self cleaning Soldering flux used for capillary joints on copper pipework, brass and mild steel. It is supplied in 50gram 100gram and 350gram containers. Copalux is UK WRAS listed for both hot & cold water including potable water. Being pH neutral at room temperature, it is suitable for use with gas pipework.

Normal Usage

Copalux should be applied sparingly with a brush. Apply to pipe and assemble joint. Heat and apply Solder. When set, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Copalux is self cleaning for normal work, but oxidized surfaces should be cleaned before applying flux.

Handling Instructions

In normal use it is advised that a suitable barrier cream be used to protect sensitive skin.
Avoid inhaling fumes where possible - our tests have shown the fumes to be relatively harmless.
Do not ingest - avoid skin and eye contact.