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Over 130 Years Thoughtful Service

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Lead Free Pewter
Low Melt Alloys
Nealetin Solder Paste & Paint
(inc. Dipping and Radiator Solder)

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Copalux Solder Flux
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Telux Solder Flux
Temaxol Cutting Compound

An Introduction to AIM Solder UK Ltd (Geo W Neale Ltd)

AIMGeo. W. Neale are proud to announce that as of December 3rd 2015 they are now part of AIM Solder UK Limited. More information about our parent company can be found at A global company with Canadian roots, AIM has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard & custom industrial-grade metals and alloys for casting, plating, soldering and other uses since 1936. AIM is ISO9001:2008 certified with manufacturing, distribution and support facilities located throughout the world.

Geo.W.Neale Ltd. have been engaged in the manufacture of High Purity Solder since 1869. During this time, we have earned a reputation for the highest standards of quality and reliability. We also have an extensive range or propriety alloys, developed by ourselves in the U.K to meet the needs of specialised industries.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of soldering products, white metals, centrifugal and hand casting alloys which conform to various International Standards. We also have an extensive range of proprietary alloys which have been developed to meet the needs of our customers' specific requirements.

Every stage of production is subject to stringent metallurgical control in our highly equipped laboratory, where the most up to date computerised analytical system is used to ensure that our exacting standards of purity and quality are upheld.

Our range of products includes:
Lead Free Pewter, Plumbers Solders, Motor Body Filling Solders, Machine Solders, Blowpipe Solder and Tinmans Solder for general usage. Casting Alloys, Solder Paint and Paste, Bearing Alloys, Babbitt Metals, White Metals, Fusible Alloys, (Low Melting Point Alloys), Electrical Solders and Alloys for various Specialist applications.

We can also manufacture other non-ferrous alloys to your individual specifications.

If you are unable to locate the exact product you require, or if you would like further information, please contact us and we will assist where possible.