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At GWN our production methods are monitored rigorously and our strict quality control procedures guarantee that we meet the exacting specifications our customers insist upon.

As can be seen in the table below, GWN High Purity Solder meets or exceeds in all respects, the requirements of the relevant European Standard. (This standard does not demand the use of virgin materials.)

Extensive research over many years has shown that even these permitted levels of impurities can produce detrimental effects in soldering production techniques. Put simply, purchase of inferior and initially cheaper solder could result in the premature need to change your solder bath.

Our unique manufacturing process ensures that existing trace impurities in the raw materials are significantly reduced in content. We then ensure that these lower levels are consistently maintained giving the following advantages:

* Low operating temperatures
* Improved wetting giving consistency of performance
* Production of bright joints with low contact angle
* Reduction of tendency to icicling and bridging
* Reduced consumption
* Longcr bath Iife
* Reduced drossing (virtually none with initial melt) with low rate of surface

The latest generation of Lead Free alloys are also available, & are manufactured using metals of similar purity to give optimum performance.

Specification comparison for best quality High Purity Wave Solder Ingots

BS EN 29453
Alloy No.1/1a
GWN Typical Analysis
% % Made from best quality virgin Tin/Lead
Tin 99.965% Lead 99.999% purity.
Manufactured to surpass all standards
and quality specifications for this kind of product
Tin Sn 62.5 to 63.5 Sn 63 to 64
Antimony Sb 0.05  max Sb <0.05
Cadmium Cd 0.002  max Cd <0.001
Zinc Zn 0.001  max Zn <0.001
Aluminium Al 0.001  max Al <0.0001
Bismuth Bi 0.05  max Bi <0.01
Arsenic As 0.03  max As <0.001
Iron Fe 0.02  max Fe <0.001
Copper Cu 0.05  max Cu <0.001
Silver Ag ) Ag <0.001
Gold Au )  others Au <0.001
Nickel Ni )  total Ni <0.001
Phosphorus P )  0.08% P <0.001
Sulphur S ) S <0.0004


While it is not usually recommended to mix solders of different origins, it is often impractical to scrap solder baths for the sole purpose of introducing a new High Purity Alloy however desirable the qualities and advantages of our product may be. We therefore suggest that the relative purity of your solder in use is determined, and if it has been manufactured from virgin metals then High Purity Alloy can be added immediately. Of course, not all of the superb benefits of High Purity Alloy will result, but you will see an improvement in the quality of your solder - and indeed the quality of your production. In addition, it will prolong the life of your solder bath.

Analytical service

The purity of your solder can be most easily discovered by allowing GWN to carry out a comprehensive analysis in our own fully equipped laboratory.
We will then provide a complete report and make our recommendations, In fact it has been our standard practice for many years to analyse our customers solder at regular intervals free of charge. This is not only to monitor the growth of impurities, but also to cheek for tin depletion, a completely natural phenomenon. This way we can keep you properly informed about the condition of your solder, and ensure prompt action if needed. It goes without saying that you can always call on full technical support either directly from our head office, or our appointed distributor.

Your solder waste

The safe and legal disposal of your waste solder will not be a problem to us. We automatically supply existing and prospective customers with free issue waste solder bins. These containers comply with the Health & Safety Regulations and are leak-proof, have welded seams and gasket seals in the lids. When delivering your order, we collect the waste and credit your account in due course.

All waste material is recycled for use exclusively to the general industrial market.