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Nealetin - Solder & Pure Tin Paint /Paste (including Dipping & Radiator solder)

"Nealetin" is a homogenous combination of fine powdered pure tin or tin-lead Solder suspended in a highly active zinc chloride based flux.

Solder & Pure Tin Paint /Paste
"Nealetin" Solder Paint is ideal for tinning all readily solderable metals - including Mild Steel. Simply paint onto the metal to be tinned and apply heat until the solder is molten. Wipe with a dry cloth to obtain a brilliant hot-tinned surface. Degreasing is not necessary. "Nealetin" will chemically destroy minor surface contaminations during the tinning process.
"Nealetin" Solder Paste is the most convenient and economical form of Solder for many metal jointing jobs. It is convenient because it is applied cold with a brush or swab. It is economical because only a thin coating is needed. It saves time because both flux and solder go on at once.
"Nealetin" is supplied in lever lid tins of 250gms, 500gms, 1kg or 2kg or in 25kg kegs. Plastic containers can be supplied if required. Any grade of solder - to your requirements - can be incorporated, from 10% Tin, 90% Lead, up to pure Tin.

Radiator & General Dipping Applications
Geo. W. Neale Ltd manufacture a wide range of solders which are suitable for use in the manufacture and/or repair of radiators, heat exchangers etc.

Normally available in Blowpipe strips for repair applications, Tinmans sticks, Plumbers bars and ingots for the dipping tank. The most common grades are:

28% Tin , 30% Tin, 35% Tin, 40% Tin and 50% Tin, although other grades can be made to your requirements.

For pre tinning of materials which are difficult to solder, then "Nealetin" solder paint, a homogenous mixture of solder powder & a specially formulated flux medium, is available.
Normally sold in "standard grade - ND4/60/40" which contains 40%Tin/60% Lead, we also supply 60% Tin/40% Lead.
If the specification calls for a lead free application, then Pure Tin paint & 97/3 Tin/Copper paint are the ideal solutions.